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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pinewood Derby and the winner is Lightning McQueen!

My 6 year old son raced his very cool retro style version of Lightning McQueen in the Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby. Although his car didn't have the necessary speed to win, it had the necessary coolness factor to win the first place title of 'Coolest Race Car.' Woohoo! (As you can see, he had help from one of his papas.)


The Queen Of Re said...

Cool in need. Congrats !

Diana Meade said...

Congratulations to your son! I was just at my grandson's race this weekend. He did not win but he was fourth place in his heat.

The scout leader conducting the event had a microphone and out of the blue he started asking the boys the name of their race cars. You could tell they had not thought to name their cars at all, but not to be undone, each one came up with a name on the spot.

My favorite was a little-bitty boy who seemed to be straining for the answer to bubble up to the top was finally relieved to croak out the answer, "Speedy." The audience was more relieved than he was!

Oh the pressure of racing!