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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pinewood Derby and the winner is Lightning McQueen!

My 6 year old son raced his very cool retro style version of Lightning McQueen in the Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby. Although his car didn't have the necessary speed to win, it had the necessary coolness factor to win the first place title of 'Coolest Race Car.' Woohoo! (As you can see, he had help from one of his papas.)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Project Impact - Quilts for Haitian Orphanages

Project Impact was a success! We gathered a group of gals (and some husbands) and kids, too, and over the course of 5 long, grueling days, we made exactly 100 quilts and 70 pin-free diapers that will be crated and taken down to a couple of orphanages in Haiti.

Lots of gals lended their sewing skills.
And we had some big boy helpers, too!
This is a sample of one of the -pin-free diapers.

I think people are just compelled to do something. Sending money is one thing, but making something tangible makes the process feel very personal and makes one feel very connected. We made the quilts and diapers in an assembly line fashion. We had several different stations. Some gals were on sewing machines. Others with no sewing skills were cutters. Some would cut batting and pin layers together. My good friend who spear-headed this project asked if her Baptist Church would open its doors and house our efforts. Our project was advertised on a local radio station. People were dropping in with fabric donations and others, strangers, just showed up with sewing machines in hand. There were several youths who made quilts and had their quilts on display for the congregation this past Sunday. There is a gentleman who belongs to an organization that helps adopt children out of a couple of Haitian Orphanages to American families. He received an SOS from Haiti that they were in dire need of blankets and pin-free, tie-style diapers for the babies and small children. (some of the babies have AIDS and they don't want those babies poked, thus the pin-free style) He will be taking a crate to Haiti in a couple weeks and hand-delivering the diapers. Thanks to everyone who is helping in whatever way they can to make a difference. If you can, make a donation to the Red Cross.