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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Glass Pendants

This beautiful gift set was assembled by me and the pendant was made by my friend Sharon of . She makes the loveliest glass pendants. If you like this design (same gal/illustration from my solid lotion bar packaging,) you can order one from her. These lovely little gift sets sold like crazy for the Mother's Day crowd last minute shoppers a couple weeks ago!

Solid Lotion Bars in Pretty Tins

So, I was at the local Farmer's Market and my new cocoa butter and shea butter solid lotion bars were a huge hit! I have two different bars - old button designs. I just love these molds! And the bars are such a rich golden color and smell of rich beeswax and cocoa butter. You rub the bar around in your hands and work the lotion into your skin. Within a half hour the oils soak into your pores and then -- smooth, silky softness. I will get the photos posted in my etsy store and sell them there soon. And I love this Marie Antoinette -ish, rococo beauty.


I LOVE my new camera and am so thankful to my good friend Sharon for the very most wonderful gift. I broke the camera in by taking a quick trek around the yard in search of yummy blooms!