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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh, to be 6 again and holding my little brother's hand......

The headline in the news today was about the little 6 year old Colorado boy that untethered the family weather balloon/UFO project. The saucer-like milar, helium-filled, floating craft flew about 50 miles over the Colorado countryside. I'm sure every mother watching had a knot in her stomach. I know I did. I have a six year old precocious little know-it-all boy. The thought that a little boy like my little guy might be in that balloon just gave me an ulcer. Not long after the aircraft landed in the farmer's freshly plowed field, and yielded no little person, my little person got off the school bus. When he came in the house, I hugged him for several minutes. Yes, it annoyed him and he was yelling for me to put him down, but I just told him that he was my baby and I was going to have to hold him forever. Well, I did have to put him down. And a couple hours later, the little Colorado boy was found hiding in a box in the garage attic. You gotta love those little 6 year olds.....


Cara Scarlett said...

I didn't know you had a little boy! I do too! He will be 5 in Jan:)

I love the photo of you and your brother--SOOO adorable!

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