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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Halloween Lip Balms by Vintage Bella Body

Well, there's a story behind the new 'Pumpkin Butt' Lip Balm. A couple weeks ago, I moseyed on into the Vintage Bella Body Lip Balm Lab and was overpowered not by the usual confectionery or fruity scents, but by the smell of, well, OK......I wandered in and asked "why does this room smell like a**?" (rhymes with crass) I was informed that the smell was our new Halloween lip balm scent of pumpkin pie spices. My response was, well, "We can't sell that..... it smells like the back end of a used toilet paper roll!!!!" The balms had already been poured into tubes. So what was I to do?
I told the story to a couple of friends and they thought the scent was hysterical. In fact, not only did they think I should still market and sell this obnoxious scent, but they each wanted a dozen or so, to hand out to the losers that cross their paths. One of my good friends responded with: "I want to gift them to all the butt heads that enter my life. For example, the annoying person in wal-mart check out, the rude person at the gas station who sits and eats their lunch at the pump or how about that person who doesn't read your ebay listing descriptions."
So, we bring you - PUMPKIN BUTT Lip Balm! Let all the buttheads moisten their (pumpkin) pie holes!!!! I have to be honest, once the lip balms cooled down, the scent no longer smelled like the sludge from the bottom of an outhouse. The scent is kind of a rugged, nutty, spicy, pumpkin pie kind of scent. Not for the faint of heart! I dare you to try it!!!
**Disclaimer** No pumpkins or butts were harmed when making this product.


Anonymous said...

Haha! That's hilarious, and a wonderful example of how to turn a
Fail situation around! Oh I always enjoy reading your blog. I meant to link from my blog ages ago but somehow am only now updating my links. :)

P.S: I was just re-reading the post I wrote initially about Marie Antoinette,which featured one of your lipbalms, and I juat had to give in and buy one - they sound so delicious! Can't wait to get it and I am sure I will blog about it when I do! :)

Michelle said...

HAHAHAHA That story was too funny! Thank you for sharing the story behind pumpkin butt!

The Queen Of Re said...

You had me in tears!!!! can't stop laughing.